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A small underground store on the busy street near Exit 9 of Hongdae station, the stairs leading toward Vintage Salon is lined with hangers and hangers of pieces like Chanel tweed jackets and Burberry trench coats. The mannequins on ground level right outside the store are also smartly dressed, enticing customers to come in.

A coat hanger inside the store displays a lot of rare vintage items, such as a pink Dior saddlebag from seasons past, as well as Louis Vuitton items in the classic monogram print and even a baby pink Chanel towel bag. Though Vintage Salon may not carry as many luxury bags as the other stores do, the clothes are the main focus here, as they carry lots of interesting vintage pieces for a considerably cheaper price tag.

Vintage Salon also upcycles clothes, remaking old ones by sewing various pieces of fabric together into a new, haphazardly chic style that is sure to be loved by the most fashionable of people.


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