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There is no better dessert cafe than Tokyo Bingsu, Mangwon. You may have heard of Tokyo Bingsu already, as they have branches all over Korea, but don’t pass up the opportunity to eat at the original cafe. It’s not difficult to find Tokyo Bingsu as there is usually a line of people queuing up outside. But don’t let that put you off, people wolf down their bingsu so fast there’s not typically a long wait! Believe it or not, but the signature flavour here is tomato! Tomatoes with sugar is actually a popular snack in Korea. Nonetheless, the highlights have got to be “Berry Berry Raspberry” and Peach!




  • Strawberry Mascarpone Bingsu
    ₩ 11,200
  • Cherry Tomato Bingsu
    ₩ 9,800
  • Jeju Matcha Bingsu
    ₩ 11,200
  • Apple Mango Bingsu
    ₩ 11,000
  • Nut Red Bean Bingsu
    ₩ 9,800
  • Berry Berry Raspberry Bingsu
    ₩ 12,000


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