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This place wins the aesthetically pleasing awards from me. Out of all the places I went to in Jeju, this one was hands down my favorite. At first, it looks like nothing more than a surf shack that serves sandwiches. When you see it in person, it’s a gorgeous little place that looks like it belongs in Brazil or some other tropical destination. Everything in this cafe is so well thought out, from the plants to the wall decorations. There’s this cozy yet industrial vibe to the furniture.

The menu is small but unique and so much thought into every item featured on it. You will find the typical latte and Americano here, but there are some avocado specials included. The one that I tried was the avocado coffee. At first, I thought that if I ordered the avocado breakfast sandwich, that would be way too much. Surprisingly, the items paired together perfectly. The coffee was more of a smoothie consistency, but it was rich, creamy, and bold. If you decide to stop by this cafe, I highly recommend trying the avocado coffee.



  • Espresso
    ₩ 4000
  • Americano
    ₩ 4000
  • Cafe Latte
    ₩ 4500
  • Vanilla Latte
    ₩ 4500
  • Cafe Mocha
    ₩ 5000


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