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Icheon Termeden, Korea’s first German-style spa resort, is spread over an area of around 30,000 square meters. It is located next to a thick forest, so visitors can enjoy the water and spa facilities as well as take a stroll in the forest. The water park has a very large bade pool, a hot spring spa, sport facilities, arcades, a cultural hall, and other subsidiary facilities.

Unlike Japanese-style spas, which contain mainly hot baths, German-style spas are more focused on water massages. Water jets located in the bade pool shoot out water, which massages various parts of the body and at the same time revitalizes the skin. In addition, you can walk, swim, or exercise in the water stream pool, which has a depth of 120 centimeters.

Icheon Termeden started as a hot spring spa, but it plans to expand further into a multi-resort complex, which will include hotel and condominium facilities, an arboretum, a golf driving range, and horseback riding.



N/A (Open all year round)


Operating Hours

Operating hours vary by day of week and facility; please visit the official website to confirm.


Parking Facilities



Admission Fees

Ticket prices vary by operating hours and dates; refer to the official website for details


Available Facilities

Indoor bade pool, outdoor hot spring pool, spa & sauna, therapy center

* Refer to the website.





Parking Fees




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