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The ideal way to comfortably appreciate the magnificent landscape of Seoraksan Mountain is using the Seorak Cable Car. The cable car boarding station is located in the Small Park of Seoraksan National Park. It takes about 10 min to get to the Gwongeumseong Fortress (700m above sea level) by the cable car. One-way ticket is not available, so visitors need to buy a round-trip ticket. Visitors can also enjoy an open view of various famous attractions such as Ulsan Peak and Manmulsang Rocks beyond glass window in the cable car. The Gwongeumseong Fortress, unfolding a panoramic view of Seoraksan Mountain’s majestic scenery, bears a legend in which two generals Gwon and Kim built the fortress in one day to prevent enemy invasion during the Goryeo period. Today, the site of the fortress only remains. Many hikers come up to the summit of the fortress despite its rough course to appreciate magnificent and mysterious scenery of strange rocks and bizarre stones at Seoraksan Mountain. When you are at the summit, you can see the landscape of not only the Outer Seorak but also the Inner Seorak. Below the Gwongeumseong Fortress are Allagam Hermitage built during the Silla period and Muhaksong (Korean red pine) existed for hundreds of years. As many tourists visit the mountain at weekends and during public holidays and autumn foliage season, it is recommended to schedule your trip by considering the waiting time too.



N/A (Open all year round)
* Subject to closure due to bad weather conditions or regular checkups.


Operating Hours

(Entry Hours) Winter season (04:00–12:00), Summer season (03:00–14:00)


Activity Fees

Seorak-dong: Restaurants, cafe, gift shop, observatory
Gwongeumseong Fortress: Observatory, snack bar, cafe


Parking Facilities

Available (Seorak-dong C1 District, Seorak-dong C2 District, Seorak-dong B1 District, Seorak-dong B2 District, Seorak-dong A District, Please note that the Sorak Cablecar Company has no part in the national park parking fees and admission fees for cultural heritage areas.)






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