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Seoknamsa Temple tucked back at the southern side of Gaji Mountain range in Ulsan, is one of the four major Buddhist temples in Gajisan Provincial Park. Built-in 824 A.D., the temple was destroyed during the Japanese Invasions of Korea. It has undergone several rebuilding and as of now, it consists of 30 buildings.

From the entrance, a canopy of trees that follows along a stream will lead you up to the temple.

After a 10 min walk along the beautiful, forested path, you will reach the temple. The colourful temple walls will welcome you into the temple. One of the highlights of the temple is the Three-story Pagoda which is located at the midpoint of the temple.

According to the history, Monk Doui resurrected this pagoda with the hope that it would help protect his country from foreign invasions. Standing gorgeously at the center of the temple, it is surely a beautiful sight that begs everyone to take a breath, take a seat and experience the calm of the grounds the temple exhibits.



From Ulsan Intercity Bus Terminal, you can take local bus No. 1713 or No. 807 to Seoknamsa Temple.



Admission Fee

  • Adults
    ₩ 1700
  • Teenagers
    ₩ 1300
  • Children
    ₩ 1000


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