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Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market is one of the most diverse seafood markets in the world. You can find hundreds of types of fish, shellfish, seaweed, and other types of seafood. It is largely recognized as the place where the largest number of fish are consumed in all of Korea.

The market began operation in 1927 near Seoul Station and moved to its newest location in 1971. On-site, you will find auctions, wholesalers, and restaurants.

In the main building at the market, you will find a large, centralized building. On the basement, floors are logistics centers and depositories that prepare fish to be shipped to other areas. On the first floor, you will find retail stores, frozen fish, shellfish, live fish, and a large auction area. Then on the second floor, you will find restaurants, a cafe, live octopus, and dried fish. The third and fourth floors are parking lots. Then, on the fifth floor, you will find premium restaurants, a conference hall, and offices. Finally, more office spaces are on the 6th floor.



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