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The Namdaemun Flower Market is on the third floor of the Namdaemun wholesale market. The Namdaemun Flower Market is smaller and less crowded than the Yangjae Flower Market, but it still has a good selection of dry flowers, potted plants, artificial flowers, and pots.

Floral accessories and supplies such as cards, cellophane wrapping, ribbon, vases, and so on are also available. Many people prefer the calmer atmosphere of this flower market. Because the aisles are quite narrow, it’s ideal if you want to get flowers at wholesale prices without having to buy in bulk. The florals may be slightly more expensive, but they are still around 3-4 times cheaper than if you purchased them online or at other local flower retailers in the city.

Please note that the Namdaemun Flower Market are open from 3 AM to 3 PM and closed on Sunday.



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