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Looking for the best red bean porridge in South Korea? Well, I’ve got just the place! Moonhori Patjuk is the OG of Korean-style red bean porridge. They’ve been making the delicacy in the same way for generations, using all-natural ingredients. You haven’t really tried patjuk until you’ve tried it here!

Moonhori Patjuk is a small family fun business located on the outskirts of Seoul, in Geyonggi-do. While it is a bit out of the way, it is well worth it to stop here and try the most authentic version of Korean red bean porridge that you can find.  It is made in the most traditional way possible, just beans and water. All of the red beans used at the restaurant come directly from a farm located in Chuncheon province, and the water comes from a local spring.

Traditionally red bean isn’t very sweet. Unlike modern versions, traditional patjuk is a savory meal, not a dessert. As a result, you will find patjuk at Moonhori Patjuk served as a noodle dish. Handcrafted, knife-cut noodle patjuk is their most popular menu item. The noodles are fermented and contain probotics, making it a very nutritious, diet-friendly meal without you even noticing!



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