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Twenty years ago, chef Moustapha Rhiti came to Korea as the Chef for the Moroccan Embassy.  Cooking is a tradition in the Rhiti family as Moustapha’s mother and grandmother used to cook for the Moroccan Royal Family in Fes which is the oldest city in Morocco. After Mousapha completed his contract, he decided to stay in Korea with his wife, Fatima, and his children Mehdi and Abella. The tradition continues as his son Medhi attended university in Daejeon for further culinary studies.Today, Marrakech Restaurant continues to serve delicious, authentic food that introduces the culture of Morocco to Korea. Morocco is a country located in northwestern Africa, and because of its geographical location it has a variety of regional influences that led to the formation of its unique culture. Moroccan food uses spices from Arab cultures as well as lemons and olive oil which are found in a lot of Mediterranean cuisines. This fusion creates a wonderful blend of spices, and a savory-and-sweet flavor palette that will certainly make Moroccan cuisine one of your favorites!



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