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This cafe feels like it comes out of a storybook set in the countryside of southern France. It’s a bit harder to get to, but it’s worth it. The bus drops you off at what seems to be the middle of where Naver will navigate you up this gravel road with the countryside surrounding you. The cafe is a large French chateau-inspired house that is open and airy like a calm spring day. The interior has teacups and kettles on a large shelf that you’d probably find at Buckingham Palace. The tables are Victorian-style paired with the all-white grand color scheme.

The menu of this cafe isn’t extensive, but it has coffee drinks, Jeju’s famous mandarin orange juice, and cake flavors like red velvet. The cute pink cups with the cafe logo on them make up for it.

Before you can even leave this cafe, you have to walk through the garden located at the back of the house. When the Camellias are in full bloom, this place is gorgeous. You have the mountains as a backdrop and the palm trees on the other side. The famous Jeju heads called Dol Hareubang mark the entrance to the garden. Get entranced in the lush greenery, and channel your inner Impressionist movement with a photoshoot.



  • Espresso
    ₩ 6000
  • Americano
    ₩ 6000
  • Cafe Latte
    ₩ 7000
  • Vanilla Latte
    ₩ 7500
  • Cafe Mocha
    ₩ 7500


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