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Konjiam Ski Resort is 4 kilometers and 40 minutes away from Gonjiam IC and Gangnam respectively, which is the most attractive feature of this ski resort. It is comprised of large-scale ski slopes, condominiums, a spa, botanical garden and other subsidiary facilities as a multi-complex premium resort. Its slopes are designed widely for beginner, intermediate-skiers, and snowboarders. In particular, three lifts connecting to the top of the ski slopes as well as a 1.8 kilometer-long slope for beginners and intermediate skiers are loved by visitors. To hold an international competition, the resort worked hard to earn certificates from International Ski Federation (FIS) for four slopes out of nine total.

Main Facilities

Ski house, convention center, restaurants, spa, cave wine cellar, brauhaus, arboretum, swimming pool, singing room, pub, tennis court, footvolley court, soccer field, outdoor stage, medical room

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