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Incheon Art Platform (IAP, formally Jung-gu Arts and Cultural Center) is a multiplex cultural arts center located in Haen-dong, Jung-gu. The site was purchased and developed by Incheon Metropolitan City, and is transforming the turn of the century structures and nearby buildings as part of the old downtown restoration project. IAP operates under the patronage of the Incheon Arts and Culture Foundation with the artists-in-residency program at its core. The program fosters the creation of new art by supporting artists and research scholars from a variety of backgrounds.

Incheon Art Platform’s historic and strategic location enhances the area’s comprehensive revitalization efforts, provides a new focus and perspective towards culture and the arts, and offers a nurturing venue for productive creativity from art’s active production to its criticism and dissemination. IAP engages the public in artistic discourse through its education and arts programs, which the city of Incheon actively promotes as it joins the global art community. Both IAP and Incheon city continue to support the effort to realize the dream of creating a cultural city, and endeavors to promote an international and creative dialogue between artistic communities and audiences from all around the world.

The Incheon Art Platform is

1. A place which nurtures the development of new artistic talent
  • IAP supports the environment for new, creative, and diverse artistic genres and programs
  • IAP continues to lead the promotion of international artists and supports the discovery of new artistic talents
2. A platform whereby international networks are formed
  • IAP forms a network of artists, and actively promotes creative exchanges between artists both in Korea and with international art communities.
  • IAP promotes artistic and cultural exchanges, and seeks to provide cooperative affiliations with international art institutions
3. Engages audiences with interactive art and culture
  • IAP creates alternative cultural spaces by expanding exhibitions, performances, and interactive art into public arenas and brings them to the community
  • IAP continues to develop and deliver cultural and artistic public education training programs
4. Essential to the promotion of a dynamic, local culture
  • IAP develops and implements planned events which emphasize Incheon’s urban characteristics
  • IAP contributes to the revitalization of Incheon’s old downtown area through creative cultural and artistic activities



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