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Hybe Corporation famously known as the ‘BIRTHPLACE OF BTS’ is a South Korean entertainment company established in the year 2005 by Bang si hyuk. It was formerly known as Big Hit entertainment, however, after the massive success gained by BTS, they expanded this company into a massive corporation that integrates a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management, and concert production company. What’s unique about Hybe Entertainment when compared to other huge entertainment companies is that Hybe is a place where people can connect and value music while immersing themselves in the fascinating experience provided by Hybe Insight. It has an exhibition area that allows viewers to explore the depth of music created by their artists and their achievements such as the trophy wall.

Even though this place is on the bucket list of many Army’s, it’s unfortunate to say that it’s quite not simple to visit this place. To visit the palace, you have to make an online reservation prior to your arrival. As it’s closed on Mondays, make sure to check in advance of your arrival. The admission fee is KRW 22000 ($22) per person.

* HYBE INSIGHT is operated by reservation only to ensure a pleasant and immersive viewing experience. Make sure to check the date and time of the available sessions before you make your reservation.


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