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Designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1997, Hwaseong Fortress is a main historical site in Hwaseong that has high historical value. In fact, it was built during the Joseon dynasty for defensive purpose to protect the city as well as served as a display of King Jeongjo’s filial piety towards his father.

The wall of the fortress stretches as long as 5.7 kilometers centering Paldalsan Mountain. It encloses an area of 130 hectares with Suwoncheon, the main stream in Suwon flowing through the center of the fortress. It consists of 4 main gates, 2 flood gates 4 pavilions, 3 observation towers and many other features. Among the gates, Paldalmun(팔달문), the South gate, is probably the main feature where tourists take pictures in front. In fact, the scenery how the whole stone-based fortress harmonizes with the grassland and blue sky is sufficiently perfect.

The main activity that is held at Hwaseong Fortress are Hwaseong Cultural Festival that is held annually in fall. In normal days, various performances such as martial art performance, royal guards ceremony and many other traditional performances are held in the square in front of Haenggung.



  • Adult
    ₩ 1500
  • Teenager
    ₩ 1000
  • Children
    ₩ 700


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