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This place was indeed one of my favorites. As it is the exhibition hall for Bang Jeong-hwan (방정환). Who along some other children’s activists, consequently created the ‘Children’s day’.

Which above all, emerged as as part of the children’s liberation movement. Since it was considered that the children were under ‘double oppression’ during the Japanese colonization. Due to the thought that the children were just belongings of the household, needed as a labor force.

In this exhibition, they show us everything about his activist movements and lifestyle. So as his literary works. In detail and with the desire that we understand his vision of what is the role of children. Since for him, they were naive and innocent. As a result, they must be protected at no cost.

Because of that, he also contributed to the widespread distribution of the term “Children” in respect of “Young People”. And was consequently arrested for distributing the underground newspaper “The Chosun Independence Newspaper”. During the March 1 Independence Movement.

Although he was tortured by the Japanese police, he was released after one week due to lack of evidence.

Unfortunately, he passed away on July 23rd, 1931. After in fact living a short life of 33 years. In brief, he left with one will: “I’m leaving my child behind, so please take care of them’’.



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