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Reply 6080! This place is in detail an exhibition hall that recreates the old days of our lives from the 1960s to the 80s. Including the kitchen, living room, and a student room.

As seen in the pictures, they have some old-fashioned items on display. Which of course, were used back then.

It is important to mention that you must remove your shoes to tour around the house. In case you do not want to be barefoot, they have some slippers that you can use.

Everything is indeed beautiful and eye catching! For sure, nothing beats the traditional designs of a culture. And you can certainly see it by yourself at the first room. Where they display some classic furniture. So as a traditional bedding and even games!

Every corner that you look at, you can find small details that make this exhibition look so natural. It in fact feels that you have traveled to the past.

Due to the antique design of the bedroom, it is a great place to take pictures. However, you cannot take any of the items. As everything must stay in place.



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