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It is a mountain towering in the center of Geoje Island, and it is called Gyeryongsan because the shape of the top of the mountain is like a rooster, and the mountain is covered with dragons to form the Gucheon Valley. At the top of Gyeryongsan, there are Uisangdae, Bulimunbawi, Janggunbawi, Turtlebawi, and Janggipanbawi, where the Great Master Uisang built a temple during the Silla Dynasty. Gyeryongsan, which is 566m above sea level, can be climbed from the back of Gyeryongsa Temple in Gohyeon, Yongsan Village, and Hwawon and Myeongjin Villages in Geoje-myeon. In spring, wild azaleas bloom around the main ridge that stretches from the top of Gyeryongsan to Seonjasan, creating a spectacular sight. When you climb to the top of Gyeryongsan Mountain, you can see the whole of Geoje at a glance.



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