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Busan is full of many cultural streets with different themes. Gwangbok-ro Fashion Street in Jung-gu, Busan, is one of the famous tourist attractions in the city.

The name of the street is a combination of “gwangbok (liberation)” and “fashion.” Gwangbok-ro Street is adjacent to Busan’s sea, where Japanese imperialists exploited Koreans and where Koreans fought against Japan for their country’s independence. After the liberation, Busan citizens named the area “Gwangbok-dong” to celebrate the country’s independence and remember the local people’s anti-Japanese movement. This is the origin of the name of Gwangbok-ro Fashion Street.

Gwangbok-ro Fashion Street extends from Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. to the former Mihwadang Department Store building, Busan Modern History Museum in Daecheong-dong, and the entrance to Gukje Market. The street is packed with hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) stores, opticians, sports and outdoor clothes shops, high-fashion brand shops, no-brand clothes shops, and so on. You can find any kind of fashion store here!

Gwangbok-ro is full of vitality every day. It is a popular shopping street among foreign tourists, who are amazed by the various clothing stores of Korea’s native brands and unique fashion concepts. This street is not only for young people but also for men and women of all ages who will find satisfaction from a wide array of fashion items in the street.

If you continue to walk along Gwangbok-ro Street, you will find the escalator that will bring you to Yongdusan Park. While getting on this 87 m long escalator, you will see the local scenery of alleys and the escalator’s colorful neon signs and decorations. You can get to Jung-gu’s major attractions and landmarks through those neon signs and LED screens by riding up this escalator.

The Fashion Street links to the Busan Modern History Museum in Daecheong-dong. The museum was transformed from the former Busan Branch of the Oriental Development Company, which was built during the Japanese occupation. It is adjacent to various tourist attractions in Jung-gu, such as the Jagalchi Market, Gukje Market, Kkangtong Market, Everything Street, Gourmand Alley, BIFF Square, and Yongdusan Park.

Gwangbok-ro Fashion Street is loved not only by tourists but also by Busan citizens. As the shopping paradise in Jung-gu, Gwangbok-ro Fashion Street is a highly recommended destination, where you can experience various attractions and discover Busan’s modern history and trendy fashion.



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