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In this memorial hall we can find information about Frank W. Schofield (Seok Ho-pil). One of the foreigners that indeed took an important role in the March First Movement of Independence. In particular, against Japanese rule.

He was a missionary affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of Canada. Who came to Korea in 1916, as a professor of the Severance Medical School.

But what made him an important figure, is that he was the one who informed abroad about the March 1st Independence Movement. In detail, by using pictures he had taken on his own. Consequently, he wrote reports on the the Suchon-ri and Jean-ri massacres after visiting by himself. To expose the atrocities of Japan, of course.

Because of that, he was then forcibly repatriated to Canada in 1920. After standing against the unrighteousness of Imperial Japan. Then, he became a professor. But later, quit his job to come back to Korea in 1958. To once again stand against the corruption and dishonesty of the country. And to also devote the rest of his life in taking care of poor students and orphans. In addition, he became a world-renowned veterinarian.

Due to his important role, Frank W. Schofield, the ‘Blue-eyed 34th National Representative’, received the Republic of Korea Medal of National Foundation in 1968. Later, he passed away in 1970. And was buried at the National Cemetery, accordingly to his will: ‘If I die, bury me in Korea’.



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