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Dongnaeupsong Fortress Site is a representative fortress that combined the mountain and flatland. Built around late Goryo and early Joseon period, the fortress was a fierce battleground during Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592. After the battle the fortress was abandoned until being renovated in 1731, making the fortress bigger than before.

The fortress had many gates with additional half circle rock wall to protect the gate. During the Japanese occupation, most of the wall was damage with only the walls along Naansan Mountain remaining. After year 2000, Busan-si has attempted to excavate the remains and conserve and restore the fortress site.

Dongnae-gu itself is not a popular tourist destination, rather it is a place where you can enjoy quiet relaxation and nature than being noisy. Leaving the towering apartment complex behind, you can pass through a quiet residential area and climb to Seojangdae.



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