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Donghae Mureung Health Forest was established to provide people with not only the right preventive education of the diseases arising from bad habits and considered to be the most hazardous health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and obesity but also the preventive education on healthy life habit and the eco-friendly experience.

Donghae Mureung Health Forest and Healing Camping Site located at Mureunggye are located around Mt. Duta and Mt. Cheongok and have a lot of beautiful rocks and landscapes that you can feel as if you were in the mysterious place. Getting out of the busy daily life, you can enjoy the camping site which has the comfort and nature and the Donghae Mureung Health Forest having the beautiful birds’ song and fresh spirits.




  • Usage fee

    (elementary school student or older)

    ₩ 7000
  • Accommodation users, national merit, disabled, preschool children
    ₩ 5000
  • Shower
    ₩ 3000

Thermal Therapy Room

  • Experience fee
    ₩ 15000

The Food

  • Adult
    ₩ 10000
  • Elementary school student
    ₩ 7000
  • Preschool children
    ₩ 5000


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