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Daewangam Park is a seaside park located on the east coast. The park has a walking trail that passes by a forest of pine, cherry blossom trees, magnolias, camellias, apricots, and forsythia. This park is located at the end of the southeasternmost point facing the East Sea, and has a lighthouse that serves as a marker for fisherman and sailors out on the sea. The park is also home to Daewangam Rock that looks like a dragon rising up into the sky. It is connected to the mainland with an iron bridge and has an observation tower.



N/A (Open all year round)


Hiking Course

Ocean Trail (Approx. 40 min): Seuldo Island – Daewangam Park
Legendary Rock Trail (Approx. 30 min): Ilsan Beach – Daewangam Park
Songnim Trail (Approx. 20 min): Maintanence Office – Daewangam Park
Four Seasons Trail (Approx. 15 min): Maintanence Office – Daewangam Park


Available Facilities

Playground, sound experience hall, children theme park, lighthouse, maze park






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