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Daejeon Support Center for Foreign Residents Service

10-1 Jeong-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon

Daejeon support center for foreigner residents is one of the first places that I went to when I first came to Korea. I had a lot of joyful and memorable experiences here during my first year in Korea. Thanks to Daejeon Support Center, my first year in Korea was amazing and i also made a lot of friends. This center has many employees from different countries. Thanks to the diversity of the employees’ backgrounds, the center is able to provide services in many languages such as Vietnamese, Russian, Uzbek, Korean, English and so on. They try their best to provide the best services for foreigners that are in Korea and seeking help. The center hosts a lot of events, especially in the beginning of the school semester. These events are for every foreigner and it’s free to join. Most of the announcements related to events are in English and in Korean. Sometimes, they will have posters in a different languages as well.

Moreover, you are able to come up with projects and events yourslef. They will even fund your project targeting foreign residents. Examples of the activities and services they provide include the recruitment of global supporters, driving lessons for foreigners, and cooking experiences.



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