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Daedunsan Mountain is defined by the grandiose rock peaks of Macheondae Summit, Chilseongbong, Janggunbong, and Ambong Peaks, as well as surrounding strange rocks and lush trees that fill the area including Samseonbawi Rock, Yongmungul Cave and Geumgangmun Gate. The area spanning from Macheondae Peak to Nakjodae Peak along the northern ridge offers a magnificent view, especially of the sunrise and sunset from Nakjodae.

Since its designation as a provincial park in 1977, Daedunsan Provincial Park has served as a scenic site equipped with recreational facilities including cable cars and Geumgang Suspension Bridge. A 5-minute cable car ride followed by a walk up the steep stairs leads to the suspension bridge, stretching 50 meters from Imgeumbawi Rock to Ipseokdae Pedestal. The park is also home to historic temples including Taegosa Temple of Jinsan, Ansimsa Temple of Unju, and Sinsounsa Temple of Byeolgok.



Subject to abrupt closure due to adverse weather conditions.


Hiking Course

  • Ticket office → Dongsimbawi Rock (0.6 ㎞) → Geumgang Suspension Bridge (0.4 ㎞) → Macheondae Peak (0.7 ㎞)
  • Yongmungol ticket office → Chilseongbong Observatory (0.9 ㎞) → Yongmungol Junction (0.6 ㎞) → Macheondae Peak (0.5 ㎞)
  • Ansimsa Temple → Ssangbawi Rock (0.8 ㎞) → Jijangpokpo Falls (0. 8㎞) → Macheondae Peak (1. 8㎞)


Operating Hours

[Cable Car] Weekdays 09:00-17:00 / Weekends 09:00-17:20


Available Facilities

Grass square, campsite, pergolas, cable car, etc.



Cable Car

  • Adults


    ₩ 11500
  • Children


    ₩ 8500


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