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Daecheong Dam is a multi-purpose dam consisting of a 72 meter-tall and 495 meter-long concrete gravity dam and rockfill dam. It is located on the Geumgang River where Daejeon and Chungcheongbuk-do meet. There are three additional support dams in the area of the main dam to help control the river’s flow. The dam also serves as a power source for the nearby areas of Daejeon and Cheongju. Construction of the dam took nearly six years, started in March 1975 and completed in 1980. The observatory, located at Palgakjeong Service Area, offers a great view of Daecheongho Lake. A variety of fascinating items are displayed in the Water Culture Center on the left bank of Daecheong Dam. A nearby grassy meadow promises a relaxing and comfortable rest, while local delicacies such as spicy fish stew using freshwater fish and marinated grilled eel are a delight to taste.


Available Facilities

Water Culture Center, grass plaza, rest area






Daecheong Dam Water Culture Center

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