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Songdo Beach is 800 meters long and 50 meters wide. The average water level is 1~1.5 meters. This beach is located 3 kilometers from Busan’s Jagalchi Market and was one of the first to open in 1913. In 2000, the beach underwent a comprehensive 5-year reconstruction and reopened with restored and expanded coastlines and the addition of several fountains. Nearby attractions include Busan’s famed Jagalchi Seafood Market and Amnam Park. Amnam Park was a military protected area that opened to the public as a nature park in April 1996. Amnam Park, as well as Dudo Park, a famous sea fishing spot, connects to Songdo, where visitors can see a spectacular landscape with seagulls, a symbol of busan, and the quiet seascape with Yeongdo Island in the distance.


Available Facilities

Imhae Administration Service Office, accommodations, diving spot, Ocean Leisure and Sports Center, restroom, shower room, changing room, footbath site, etc.






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