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The Blue House, also known as Cheong Wa Dae, became open to the public following the inauguration of president Yoon on May 10, 2022. The blue house grounds first became the governing headquarters of Korea in the 1100’s when King Sukjong of Goryeo commissioned the creation of Namgyung palace. However, it would be decommissioned in 1395 with the construction of the Gyeongbukgung Palace and the transition to Joseon. From 1395 until 1939, the location of the current Blue House was left natural. It was essentially the backyard of the palace. It created a buffer zone between the palace itself and Bukaksan mountain. headquarters. However, the Japanese colonial government wanted to distance itself from Joseon. And so in July of 1939 they began dismantling the palace and built the blue house. It became the official residence and office of the Japanese colonial governor-general. sident of South Korea, American-appointed Syngman Rhee continued began to use the Blue House as the governing headquarters of the Republic of Korea in 1948. He then named the building Gyeong Mu Dae. In 1960, president Yun Bo-seon changed the Blue House’s name to what it is currently known as, Cheong Wa Dae.

The grounds of the Blue House are 250,000 square meters or 62 acres. The grounds include multiple historic sites and decommissioned office buildings. Plus, there are a number of natural sites, including parks and hiking trails.


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