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Beomeosa Temple is located on the eastern side of Geumjeongsan Mountain, a famous mountain in Busan. It was founded by monk Uisang in 678, the 18th year of King Munmu (r. 661-681) of the Silla Kingdom. It is one of the three most famous temples in the Yeongnam region, along with Haeinsa Temple and Tongdosa Temple. Most of the original Beomeosa Temple site was lost during the Imjin War (1592-1598) but was restored in 1613 and has remained until now. Daeungjeon Hall is considered one of the most delicate and luxurious architectures of the Joseon dynasty. Other important sites of the temple include Iljumun Gate, a three-story pagoda with four pillars built in the 9th century; pavilions, gates, and eleven hermitages. Beomeosa Temple also operates a templestay program for visitors to learn more about the Buddhist culture and discover oneself.

Hiking Course

Beomeosa Temple parking lot – Naewonam Hermitage – Godangbong Peak – Bukmun (North) Gate – Jeongsuam Hermitage – Sanseong Village (9 km, 2 hr 40 min)



Interpretation Services Offered

English (advance inquiry required)



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