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Baming donut is the best donut shop in Gongju. The beautifully positioned Hanok-style building made of natural wood with large bold yellow lettering is hard to miss. The donut shop is a local hub for some of the best treats Gongju has to offer. The house specialty features the regional delicacy, chestnuts, purred into a cream and piped into the center of the donut – Yum!



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Value for Money

Now Closed

Opening Hours

  • Sunday 11:30 AM - 09:00 PM
  • Closed
  • Tuesday 11:30 AM - 09:00 PM
  • Wednesday 11:30 AM - 09:00 PM
  • Thursday 11:30 AM - 09:00 PM
  • Friday 11:30 AM - 09:00 PM
  • Saturday 11:30 AM - 09:00 PM