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This fancy restaurant/coffee shop is 5 floor building located in traditional hanok village around Bukhansan mountain. It is famous for the stunning view of the mountain tops with hanok houses from the windows of every floor. However, location might be not overcrowded but the restaurant/coffee shop is always full of visitors such as cute couples, friends or even students who come for studying. 

The B1 floor is 1in gallery. The first and second floors are regular coffeeshop zone 1in1jan. The third floor is 1in karimoku showroom and can be used as coffeeshop. The fourth, fifth floor are 1in1sang (1인1상) restaurant.



  • Americano
    ₩ 5000
  • Espresso
    ₩ 5000
  • Cappuccino
    ₩ 5500
  • Cafe Latte
    ₩ 5500
  • Cafe Mocha
    ₩ 5500


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