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Laundry magic place

Nowadays washing machine is must have and normal item in every household. However, not many people use drying machines. Before coming to South Korea I have not even tried to use a drying machine, but even have seen one. With the strong humidity in a country, especially during summer, I learned to appreciate those machines very fast. However, I live in a small apartment, where sadly there is only a place for a washing machine, not for drying as well. So, when the time to wash the blanket comes, I have some difficulties.

If you are like me, do not fret! Koreans have a solution for this kind of situation.

There are two options: you either can go to the nearest cleaning services, one of the most famous ones is Cleantopia


Cleantopia is one of the most famous and the most popular laundry shop in South Korea. They provide different cleaning services from washing itself to ironing your favorite blouse or shirt that needs to be in perfect condition to one of your important meetings, events or presentations. This option is called the Y-shirt laundry service. They provide you washing the shirt in 55-degree Celsius hot water, even do extra starch service for a better outfit and at last, can even deliver your freshly cleaned shirt right to your doorstep.

Of course, they provide the general clothes laundry as well. As soon as you give your clothes for them to clean they sort it out by material and color then begin the pre-washing process of removing stains or just prevent another damage then, of course, washing, drying, ironing, and packaging. The packaging itself is also an interesting thing: it is customized, they either do flat packaging or boxes, do for the hats and even hangers.

You can either become their customer by signing in on their website or just give your phone number during your first visit. As soon as the clothes are going to be ready they will send you both message on the phone and a message to Kakao Talk, that it is time for you to take your clothes. They give you 2 weeks to get back your clothes, after that period every additional day is going to cost you around 1000 won.

The option that I have used so far are bedclothes laundry and laundry of my winter coat. They have a special discount on bedclothes every Wednesday and Saturday, which is 30%. I did exactly that. Now I do not use this services, because I prefer to do bedclothes laundry every week, and because it might take at least 3-4 days to get those bedclothes back, I just do this laundry myself in the 24 hours Self Laundry Cafe, which is the next topic of this article. But as for the clothes that I can not possibly clean myself, Cleantopia is the best option. I received my coat on a hanger in a plastic bag. There were no stains, it was freshly cleaned, and because it is summer I just left the coat as it was in a bag and hanged it in my dresser until winter. Nice preservation from moles and dust until cold times.

Or there is another option, which I regularly use – 24 hours Self Laundry Cafe. There are different companies out there, the one near my house is White Laundry Room.

First of all, you need to buy a card to use. It works the same as a t-money card – every time you need to wash the clothes or use the drying machines you just reload this same card with money, either cash or credit card. Besides the machine, which gives out the card there is another vending machine, where you can buy dry fabric softener. You put it with your clothes in the drying machine.

After you charged your card you can start washing the clothes. In the laundry cafe near my house, there are three washing machines: two for 23 kg and one for 30 kg. First of all check the modes available: regular (5000 won), antibacterial hot water (5500 won), blankets laundry (6000 won), and some more including padding (7000 won) and drum cleaning (500 won).

After that the steps are simple as you can see in the picture:

1 step: choose the option on a touch-screen

2 step: either touch the card to pay or put in the necessary amount of money with 500 won

3 step: touch the โ€˜startโ€™ button


As soon as the times are up use the drying machines. There are three levels of hear from the lowest for silk and wool to the highest for jeans and blankets. The 32 minutes of drying costs 4000 won and after that, you can manually check the clothes whether it is already dry or not. If it is the latest then you can add time, every 4 minutes costs 500 won.

There are also small carts for you to easily carry your clothes or heavy blankets from a washing machine to a drying one. It takes around 2 hours to finish all the laundry work, so you can either go home or stay at the same place and play some games.



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