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Hangang Cruise

Hangang River is the major river in South Korea and its name became the equivalent of the rapid economic development of the country.

โ€œThe Miracle on the Han Riverโ€ – that is the name of that turning point in the history of South Korea.

The parks and all those running tracks and tracks for bicycles alongside Hangang – every day many people sit on the grass having a picnic or just sitting on a bench and talking with friends and family. During my years living in South Korea, I have spent numerous times on the Hangang River. I was meeting with my friends, had a walk in the park, rode bicycles, had a picnic, and had the most romantic dates with my boyfriend on the Han River. But in all those years never once I have tried sailing on a boat down Han River.

Spending time on the Hangang River is a calming and relaxing experience, but what do you think about sailing on a cruise ship down the Hangang river? I have decided that it is a strong โ€œyesโ€.

Han River Cruise is located on Yeouinaru Station, exit number 3, after that it takes approximately 5 minutes towards the river and there you will find E-land Cruise Yeouido Dock.

There are different kinds of cruises from Lunch Cruise, Dinner Cruise and Moonlight Cruise, all of them you can check and order the tickets on their website http://

If you have a special date in your mind when you would like to ride the ship, you should think beforehand, because the tickets are selling like hotcakes.

In my case, I booked a ticket for a Music Cruise with my boyfriend. For about 30 minutes we were selling down the Han River and at some point, after the sunset, we walked inside from the dock and enjoyed listening to a live band with guitars and violin. The cruise is very popular and every schedule is packed with those who want to spend their time enjoying the atmosphere. There were many people there: couples, families with children, some people had their own healing time by themselves.

Personally, I had the best time of my life and once again I fell in love with Seoul. The beauty of the sunset, the breeze, romantic atmosphere – everything became a heartwarming, memory about a date with my boyfriend on a cruise down the Han River. The screams of the seagulls surely added a special vibe to the whole atmosphere.

However, the only thing that saddened me was that some people kept on giving some chips to seagulls. Me, having two birds myself, do not appreciate when people do harm to the birds maybe unknowingly. They think that they help the birds, feeding them, but it is a completely different story – you should never give a bird chips. It is very dangerous for them. So, I politely asked those people to stop doing that and explained the reasons behind it. We had a nice chat together and kept enjoying the view.

As I mentioned before the cruise has different themes. One of the most famous cruises is the one that takes place every April to October only and starts from the East of the river and the ship goes under Banpo Bridge, where takes place a spectacular Rainbow Fountain Show.

However, nowadays due to Corona this show is canceled, but do not get discouraged there are many other options. All of the options and the duration of time you can check on the website, but to name a few, there is โ€˜Hangang River Tour Cruiseโ€™, which takes place from the dock on Yeouido, then sails to Jamdubong โ€“ Sangam, cross Yanghwa after that Seonyudo and return back to Yeouido. If you have a date with your significant other then you would like to book yourself a Dinner Buffet cruise, where you can taste the most delicious cuisine with your lover, while enjoying the view of the city at night with all of those pretty lights on the land. Romantic.

I would like to have a Lunch Cruise next time. It costs 55.000 won and you can enjoy the view while eating delicious food. If you do not want to eat anything there is also an option for 12.000 won when you can just take a ride on the ship down the River. Surely you will not even notice how time flies. The cruise passes 63 Square, Namsan Tower and Yanghwa Bridge. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed.

If you decided to buy yourself a ticket to make memories on a Han River Cruise, first you should buy the tickets to the desired theme on their website and check the information that is going to come to your e-mail.

On the D-day arrive at the E-land Cruise Ticket Office and present your voucher. After that, you just need to write down some information on a boarding pass and off you go!

Enjoy your time~

๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ฟ Sherniyazova Madina

๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ฟ Sherniyazova Madina

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