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Eyes are mirrors of the soul

Nowadays anybody at least once in their lives heard about the 10 steps of Korean facial care. The cleansing, the moisturizing, the facial mask – those are the steps that everybody follows, right?

But more often than would be desirable we tend to skip the eye care part. But it is an essential part of the care. We always smile and laugh and our eyes constantly are looking at this world and always have straight sunshine on them.

By the time that we notice that maybe we should try to care about our eyes and the skin around them, it might be already late or too difficult to reverse the damage. But if we decided to care about them constantly we should just begin this journey now. Fortunately, Koreans have many products and even technologies to take care of that problem for you and with you.

Koreans have different types of care for specifically for eyes: not only cream, which you should apply before going to sleep but also technologies when your eyes are tired from all the computers and smartphones staring.

Eye cream

The skin underneath and around the eyes is very delicate: dark circles from the lack of sleep, wrinkles from the stress or from happy moments, bright, strong sunlight – all those causes and more are the reason why we should care about the skin around our eyes.

Whether you want to maintain deep hydration, soften the wrinkles or rid of the dark circles – find the cream that suits your problem and then make this step the integral part of your skincare routine.

Remember to apply eye cream after using essence and sheet mask, but be careful and do not rub it in too harshly – use soft, circular motions. After that of course do not forget about the rest of the steps for the skincare.

Always keep in mind that the skin around your eyes is not the same as the rest of your face,ย  so simple creme, which you use everyday to apply to the rest of your face will not do. The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive. There is practically no subcutaneous fat in it, which contributes to the accumulation of fluid, the appearance of edema, and loss of skin elasticity. Therefore, the cream for the area around the eyes should be separate, taking into account its characteristics.

Hot patches

After a tiresome day at work in front of the computer or the whole day of studying, reading pages and pages of necessary information your eyes are definitely irritated and puffy. Koreans have a solution for this problem as well. The answer is a thermal eye patch.

The thermal eye patch is a warming eye mask, which temperature can rise up to 40ยฐC-60ยฐC. Those numbers might frighten you a little bit, but believe me ten minutes with this eye mask and you can forget about the puffiness and dry eye for sure. When you want to take a rest from the constant blue screen have 10-15 minute break and put it on. Listen to soothing music or just sit in silence while the mask does its work. At first, I was quite skeptical of those patches and to be completely truthful I did not see the usefulness in it. However, as soon as I put on those hot patches onto my eyes the effect was instant. The warmness of the patch soothes my tired eyes. I did not even realize how my eyes were in pain, because of the constant staring at the screen of my laptop. Those 20 minutes that I have to spend just listening to the relaxing music while maintaining those patches on my eyes were the most relaxation time my eyes have ever received, I guess.

Thermal Eye Massager

Two steps forward from the hot patches is a thermal eye massager. Depending on your problem, it can do everything: anti-aging care for the skin around the eyes, rid of the dark circles under the eyes, reduces the bags under the eyes, and relieves fatigue. One can say that it works almost like a magic wand.
Different companies make their own modes, but the typical options are to heat the area around the eyes, just like hot patches and Vibro massage or acupuncture.

I have received mine as a present and at first, like with any other product I was not a fan of it.

I assumed that it worked the same as hot patches and did not see the need in this massager. As it was the present, I definitely decided to try it out. In any other case, I would not even buy this thing myself, mainly because I have never heard about this kind of massager for the eyes beforehand, but this time I was so glad that I received it. The massager did a perfect combination of warm temperature and soothing motions to give my eyes a rest.

It was so relaxing that after the first 10 minutes I fell asleep. Now I just recommend for you to try it out and you will see that you need it in your life.


๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ฟ Sherniyazova Madina

๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ฟ Sherniyazova Madina

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