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Couple trip to Sokcho. Part II

Our second day started with the Sokcho expo tower.

(Location: 72, Expo-ro, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do ;


It is an observatory surrounded by lakes and mountains. That sentence itself just makes you want to visit this place. You can view Ulsanbawi Rock and Daecheongbong Peak in Seoraksan Mountain as well as the East Sea. It works from 9 am to 9.30 pm and the fee is only 1500 won for adults, for youth and children 1200 and 800 won respectively. You can buy the souvenirs in the shop there or spend time in the IMAX cinema.

You can see the whole Sokcho from the bird’s view and it is really fascinating. I recommend you visit this place in the day-time. Right near the tower, there is Cheongchoho Lake Park, a nice place to sit on the bench, drink cold juice and enjoy the view of the lake or take a walk among the 3700 forest trees that are planted there. If in Seoul we have Hangang Park to spend time on a picnic with friends then Sokcho Cheongchoho Lake Park has the same role. There are many beautiful cafes as well.

Daepo Port is a must-visit for all of the tourists according to tons of reviews on websites. The port area is not so big, I might say that it is rather small. However, the place is famous for its delicious seafood, ranging from fried shrimps and stuffed crabs to sashimi and all kinds of soups with fish. Prices vary from restaurant to restaurant, but all in all this place is on the higher scale of prices. Often they only offer the sets for 4 people or even larger groups, so if you came here with your boyfriend or girlfriend, just a friend or even by yourself it might be a little bit of a problem to find a suitable restaurant to have a meal in. All in all not my cup of tea. But walking around the area is rather pleasant.

If you were like me or just do not have enough people to dine with, but really want to try the seafood in Sokcho I recommend you crab ramen. Everyone can afford crab ramen, which you can easily find in every restaurant in Sokcho. The one portion of the ramen costs around 7000 to 8000 won. In my humble opinion, there are the top 2 dishes of Sokcho! We have found a very nice and cozy restaurant, which is also was a home for the owners. When you walk inside you can easily see that people live here. It might look strange at first, but believe me, as soon as you try the crab ramen, every single other thought will just vanish from your mind. I have never tried as tasty seafood ramen as that one in Sokcho. The taste is very rich and unforgettable.

But everyone can afford crab ramen in every restaurant in Sokcho, which is around 7000 to 8000 won. In my humble opinion, this is the top 2 dishes of Sokcho! The taste is very rich and unforgettable.















Seaside Garden (Bada Jeongwon) isย a beautiful cafe. As they say it is supposed to be the biggest cafe in whole South Korea. I can say that the territory is enormous and we really did not know where to sit first or at all. So, during our time there we just changes our seats at least three times. It was worth it. The building of the cafe itself is very modern and has an interesting graffiti on the wall.

You can seat with a view to the sea, on the rooftop on the cozy pouffe also with a sea view, or spend time with your children in kids room. The place is so big that you can spend hours and hours there just sitting and enjoying the view, without a care in the world about whether you need to give away your sit to the next customer. There is enough sits for everybody.

The place is not only a cafe, but a restaurant and a small garden in one. You can either enjoy a cup of coffee or ade with nice, steamy bakery or take a bite of pizza and seafood pasta in the restaurant.


The day ended with a surprise. Before returning to the hotel we stoped at the market, where I have found Sokcho beer. Abai village was its name and I was so shocked and intrigued to find it. This was definitely beer that you can not find in Seoul. That made me think whether they have this kinds of beer in different cities as well? I guess I should make my next trip to some other place and find out, right?

The mini-trip came to an end. All of the places we visited suited both for couples and for those who prefer to travel alone. If you do not want to hike Seoraksan, which Sokcho is famous for, then this city can also provide you a nice healing time at the beach.

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