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A place to visit in Incheon

As I already mentioned in my previous article, there are places in Incheon city that you still need to find out for yourself. I am here with another nice place to recommend to you.

At the beginning of August, I have decided to visit China town here in Incheon city , right on the Incheon Station. Usually, it is a very crowded and popular place to visit for all both tourists and Koreans as well, but recently due to well known unfortunate events with a Corona -19 virus, they asked not even ride in on the cars. Still, you can come just by yourself and enjoy the most delicious jjajangmyeon ( noodles in blackbean sauce) have ever tried only for 5000 won, nice cozy cafes, and a walk in the park. Jjajangmyeon is a very famous food indeed. The dish was so good and the owners were two nice old ladies that even gave us beverages as a service. Sometimes I just crave this particular jjajangmyeon – that is how delicious it was. If you are a fan of this dish you should definitely come to check out this place.

The building in the area is almost toy-like in appearance, but as you walk around some more, quite real, cute, ethnic a little piece of โ€œall under heavenโ€ in Incheon city. The streets lighted up with many red lanterns and everything is bright and cheery. After 8 pm things got a little bit quieter, but on the western part, there is still a glimmer of life.

I encourage you to look in every corner of China town. The streets are very hilly and you might find some joy by walking up and down the stairs and exploring all the streets. ย there are always things, even the smallest ones, that going to surprise you: from frescoes to carnival masks. There are even shops that sell everything for 3900 won (I have found a nice, cute bracelet for myself there), so I also recommend carrying cash around as well.

Climbing the stairs you will reach a statue of Confucius. To your left is a fresco of the Three Kingdoms. From there, you can walk back down to the shops and restaurants. If you go just outside Chine town area and take high stairs up and up you will reach a small temple and several monuments as well as Jaiu Park. Here you will find locals relaxing under the trees and enjoying the ocean breezes overlooking the surrounding city and port. You can admire the view on the sea and the port of Incheon with them. Jayu and Chinatown are very photogenic parts of Incheon.

There are several museums in the area that cover different parts of this story, so depending on your interests, you can spend anywhere from a few hours to a full day exploring the various options. If the story isn’t to your liking, just go to the many street food options and cafes. One of them I am going to introduce to you now.

The most interesting cafe in this China town is c27

(Location: 19 Chinatown-ro 44beon-gil, Jung- gu, Incheon, South Korea ;

It is a franchise that is very famous in Korea and they have Seoul branch as well. The name itself explains everything: they have 27 different kinds of cheesecakes. Cheesecake is always a good answer for every present and every memory day that you want to celebrate. Everybody like cheesecakes and even if they do not they just have never tried a piece of this c27 cake.

On their official website you can check out what kind of cheesecakes they have beforehand, because believe me, if you are going to choose the one in the cafe, it is going to take a while, because every single one of them looks too delicious that you just want to have them all.

(Website: https://

As the c27 states themselves the idea for the brand came from the desire to create a theme park space that aims for the upgraded lifestyle of modern people. The cheesecake has its deep flavor by blending deep French cheese and savory Australian cheeses together.

Cafe is very cool and have three levels, as well as the rooftop, but now it is not available due to Corona virus. There is enough photo zones to take your picture with an eye-catching cheesecake. I have visited the place with my boyfriend and we took our sweet time to enjoy the atmosphere and take lots of pictures in all of the photo zones.

As for the cheesecakes itself, I bought mix berry and chocolate cheese cake. One can say that 8000-9000 won for a cheesecake is a bit of expensive, but believe me it costs every won. The taste was rich and unforgettable. I am not against coming back again some other time…and some more after that.


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