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5 hidden cafes in Incheon

Incheon is located in the northwestern part of South Korea. Most people when they hear about Incheon immediately have an association with Incheon International Airport. Of course, how many of us, foreigners could possibly forget the first place we have seen when we landed on these lands.

However, I have been living in Incheon now for about three years now and still counting, so you might want to believe me when I tell you that I can open a new side of Incheon for you. The first of my topics to reveal the beauty of Incheon, among many different to come, is โ€œ5 hidden cafes in Incheonโ€.

Letโ€™s get started?

1. Midnight pink

The first one among those germs is Midnight pink. As you can see in the photos the main color of the cafe is pink. Despite its sizes it is a very cozy and nice place to spend your time. It is located near Juan station.

midnight pink midnight pink

The main trademark of this place is the possibility to order brunch up until 8 pm. Until recently just like any other cafe, they provided a brunch menu only until 3 pm, but now you can manage to get a taste even after work. Might I tell you that cream pasta is a must-have! Recommend it a hundred percent.




Beside the delicious meal there is a variety of cakes and deserts. If you are in need of cake for a special occasion you can also order whichever cake you want beforehand. Personally, my favourite desert is a milk tea cake. As for the beverages I always order fresh juices. On the photo is peach fresh.

milk tea cake

Midnight pink also has a point system and now I am half way through gaining new stamps. With how it is so delicious there I will not be surprised if I get to the finish link faster than I anticipated.

Location: Incheon, Michuhol-gu, Juan-ro 105, 1st floor Midnight pink

2. Kkikda branch

The second item in our jewellery box is Kkikda branch. This place is not easy to find, but when you do, all the efforts are going to pay off. The design is slick and nice to the eye. The big open space of the summer veranda and fresh air with the view of crystal clear blue sky is unforgettable.

This cafe has its own summer special menu, which is black sesame ice cream, which I just have to tell you I was skeptical about before trying. It sure does have its own specific taste, that you have never tried in your life. But for Koreans black sesame is not something surprising for they add it in many desserts of their own.

Black sesame ice cream has a rich, creamy texture, with nutty aftertaste. The image might not be appealing, but the taste is very good. I have found the combination of black sesame ice cream with almond cookie as a must-try. Along with a yoghurt smoothie the dessert was a blessing for my taste buds.

If you want a romantic atmosphere the same veranda in the evenings looks mesmerising.

Location: 3rd floor of 16 Moa Building, Juyum-ro, Michuhol-gu, Incheon

3. Starbucks

Show me one person, who while being in South Korea not even once in their lives visited Starbucks?

I bet you will find it difficult to do. Starbuck in Korea is always the first cafe in mind to spend some time either with your friends, colleagues or alone with a good book. In Incheon, there is one such place that you definitely would like to visit.

This specialย  Starbucks is located near Gigye technical high school. The cafe opens its doors from 7 am and until 10 pm. Whether you would like to take a cup of coffee with you to work, being by foot or by car, there is enough space for everybody. Inside is freshly clean and everything is brand new. Add the smell of coffee beans and everything just screams aesthetics. On the first floor, you make your order and then go up to the second floor. The space is wide and due to the main feature of this place – big, ceiling-to-the-floor-size big windows, bright.

Location: Starbucks Incheon Yongil Sageori DT branch

4. Bakery cafe โ€œBetter thanโ€

Better than is a new bakery cafe that opened its doors only this summer. The cafe is located on the 2nd floor of the building and has broad, open space, minimalistic interior with a splash of colours here and there.

The cafe has enough space and different tables and chairs for all: for those, who want to have a chat with friends and for those, who want to dedicate a couple of hours to study.

The most important thing is, of course, a variety of bakeries. From cakes and scones to brownies rich with chocolate and croissants filled with creme and peanut butter. With a cup of ice americano for 3500 won or a nice cup of hot earl grey tea for 4000 won, you can gather a whole tray of yummies.

Location: Michuhol-daero 729 Michuhol-gu, Incheon

5. Selecto coffee Juan branch

There is a particular type of cafe in South Korea, which are called study cafe. Studying for TOEIC, for final exams at the university, for Suneung – the most important exam in the life of a high-schooler. Selecto coffee Juan branch is one of those cafes, that has a perfect atmosphere for that.

There are two floors and also a study room on B1 floor. For those who like to look at trains and the blue sky from time to time, as well as listen to music while studying, I recommend the second floor. Also, you can study with friends in groups there as well. The big windows certainly add to the atmosphere.

As for those who want to concentrate only on studying without any interruptions – B1 floor welcomes you. The silence if your friend there and the floor have the library vibe – a perfect spot to study. You can sit either in pairs or just by yourself.

There is a variety in a menu with affordable prices: hot dogs (3000 won) and cafeโ€™s hot sale Selecto cake (5500 won). The cafe is opened from 9 am to 11 pm every day.

Location: Incheon Michuhol-gu Juan-ro 91, 1st floor


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